bridges between borders

Neue Mittelschule Haiming

We have a big school, it consists of 9 different classes in four grades – this means about 160 students who are between ten and fourteen years old.

In the cellar we have a big school kitchen, where we cook. Also the cloak rooms are there. On the ground floor we have the classrooms of the first grades. There is also the library.

On the first floor there are all the other classrooms and the staff room which is where all the teachers sit together. We have about 25 teachers.

On the second floor there are the IT rooms and our “Lernateliers” (learning studios).

Buddy project

At our school we have a buddy project with different buddies, who help the teachers with various tasks at school.

For example:

1. Helping buddy (Helferbuddy): The older students (grade 3 + 4) help the youngest students in the school. Every day the buddies go to the first grades and ask them if they have problems with teachers, classmates or other students. These students are specially trained.

2. Reading buddy (Lesebuddy): The helping buddies are the reading buddies, too. They read a little story to the first graders once a week.

3. Project “Keep our school clean“ (Sauberkeitsprojekt): We want to promote the cleanliness of our school. The buddies have to go in all classrooms and check the cleanliness.

4. Snack buddy (Jausenbuddy): Every student - from the youngest to the oldest - can be a snack buddy. We have a little shop and there we can sell snacks, soft drinks and sandwiches. The money we make is used to pay for the buddy activities like our visit to the high ropes course last June.

5. Library buddy (Bibliothekbuddy): There are students who help the librarian to put the books on the correct shelves.

In the first year we have „the swimming week“, which is always in June.

In grade two a „winter sports week“ takes place. We don’t have to go far from our school because our village is near many skiing resorts. There we do different winter sports like skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiing.

At the end of year two we go to the South Tirol, where we visit museums, castles and churches and stay overnight.

In year three there is the „summer sports week“, which is held in different places in Austria. We have the chance to go kayaking, mountain biking, horse riding or climbing.

In the last year of school we go to our capital Vienna for five days. There we visit some of the famous sights, go to museums and galleries but of course we also go to the Prater, which is a big amusement park in the middle of the city.

The Italian group also go to Italy for a week to practise the language.

At the end of the fourth school year we also work in different jobs for a week to get an idea what the working life is like.

Each class often organizes separate trips or events like a reading night with a sleepover at school, a carnival party, a daytrip to Innsbruck or an adventure day at the Area 47.

Time Table

The subjects in our school are maths, English, German, history, religious studies, biology, geography, P.E., physics, food technology, art and design, music, information technology, Italian and chemistry. We can also choose some optional subjects as enrichment to the usual ones or as extra time with music, sports or cookery.

There are some extra lessons we can choose: football (girls/boys), orienteering or the school choir, which are not compulsory.

One lesson lasts 50 minutes.

The school is opened at 7:25, classes start at 7:40. A school day consists of 6 lessons in the morning with four 5- minute breaks and one big break which lasts for 10 minutes. On Monday and Thursday we have afternoon lessons from 13:55 until half past three or half past four, but on Friday we only have 5 lessons. Then we leave school at 12:15 – hurray!!!