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Music in Estonia

We have got a typical Estonian folk-song. It called RUNOSONG.

These songs were sung without musical instruments.The singers were mainly women. One of the singers was a leader, the other – a choir.

These songs were a collective creation. They spread orally from generation to generation.

The title of the song that we are going to sing to you today is “Ilutegija“ (“A Beauty Maker“). This song says how boring is to live without beauty, without happiness. That we all can be beauty makers ourselves. This song is from Väike-Maarja. It is a community what is in Lääne- Virumaa County.




Igav on olla iluta,

hale olla laulemata,

kole käo kukkumata,

raske rõõmuta elada.

Ma ise ilutegija,

rõõmu kalli kandija –

ilu kannan kaasassana,

puna põlle paeladessa,

rõõmu rõhtude vahella.

Enne ma une unustan,

maha jätan magamise,

kui ep ma ilu unusta,

rõõmu ei kallista kaota.