bridges between borders

Description of Ridala Primary School

Ridala Primary School is a country school. It was built in 1959 and renovated in 2008/2009. The school serves a local community. This year we have 19 teachers and 107 students. Students are devided into 9 classes. They are from 6 to 16 years old. Schoolday starts at 8.00, lessons are from Monday to Friday.

Our school has long folk dancing and choir singing traditions. We usually have three folk dance groups: 1) for younger students, 2) for students from 5 to 6 form, 3) for the older students. We have children`s choir and choir for little children as well (age 7-10).

Our school has its own little Art Studio and Ceramic class.

Our school is one of health promoting schools in Lääne County. We are sharing the knowledge of health to our students and teaching them a healthy lifestyle and how to be fit and well. We have different sports events, some of them are also held in every year.

Our school is in the countryside and 5 kilometres from the sea. So it is very important to deal with nature observation.

From 2012 to 2014 Ridala Primary School took part in the Comenius project “All About Apples“. This new Erasmus+ project „Bridges Between Borders“ should give our students and teachers the possibility to communicate and meet with project partners from Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic.

The Erasmus+ programme plays a key role in development of our students English language skills. Learning foreign languages is very important in our school. It gives the motivation and the oportunity for school to build relationship with the other schools in Europe. We also hope that this project will rise up our students’ knowledge about different cultures through the communication with the other children from Europe.

We want to impart the knowledge to our students how important it is to keep traditions, to adapt them and learn from them for our future. The teachers, who are involved in this project, are with great work experience in their field. They are motivated and interested in international partnership work.