bridges between borders

Základní škola, Praha 2, Jana Masaryka 21

Our school is located in the old part of Prague. It´s part of Prague 2 and it´s called Královské Vinohrady, what means Royal Wineyard. Teaching started in year 1885 and from that time the education was interrupted only because of the World Wars.

At our school we teach two foreign languages - English from 3rd grade and German from 6th grade. We are also a part of program "Healthy schools", what means we try to lead our students to healthy life style. During the day they have one big break (30 minutes), which they spend outside with playing games (of course it depends on weather).

At our school there are two grades. First (from 0-5 grade) and second (from 6-9 grade). School starts at eight o´clock and mostly finishes at two. We also have afternoon classes, which are mostly Art and Physical education. 

After school kids can use "družinu" what is afterschool center for the 1st grade and school club for the 2nd. We attend a lot of cultural events, sport competitions and activities. 

This is our second international project, first was billateral Comenius project with Portugal.